Startup Mumbai is an active local entrepreneur community of 400K subscriber and love to invite founders to share their thoughts, experiences and hard-earned problem-solving techniques is a great way to help others, make connections and strengthen your personal brand and stature as a business leader.

Here is what our team is looking for your contributed stories and we want to avoid. The guidelines are heavy inspired from the guidelines by

What do we look for?

Distinctive message:
Search the site for the topic you’re interested in writing about. That way you’ll know how to make your piece unique. Please don’t submit a piece you submitted already with just a few tweaks added. And please use more than one example of a good company doing good things to illustrate your point (i.e., avoid any press-release-type promotion of one business that reads like ad content).

Solid content:
Inspirational pieces, trend pieces, and advice pieces with three to 10 (or more) solid takeaway tips are our bread and butter.

Advice entrepreneurs can use:
To us, “advice” means usable, numbered tips (don’t send us simplistic points such as “Get your company onto social media” and “Be sure to attend industry networking events.”). Our readers are sophisticated entrepreneurs. Give them the information they can use.

Acknowledgment of your financial relationship, if one exists, with any companies/individuals you write about or link to:
We’re serious about this. Violation of this rule could mean we’ll have to break up with you.

No paid links or mentions:
This is a serious violation of our standards. Any editorial coverage given in exchange for compensation of any kind will result in deactivation from our site.

Trustworthy resources:
Embed links to sources of information (studies, stats, etc.)

Correct length:
Pieces typically run about 700-1,000 words. More expansive pieces that run over 1,500 words are welcome and will do better in search.

Writers should be conscious of representing the diversity found in the entrepreneurial community.

We tend to only accept an original copy that is exclusive to Startup Mumbai. Plagiarism will result in removal from the platform.

Appropriate sourcing of quotes:
This means that quotes should be attributed to a source,

e.g.:“‘Blah, blah, blah,’” Warren Buffett told me in an interview”

“‘Blah, blah, blah,” Warren Buffett said in an interview with the New York Times.”

Other items related to your topic:
Anecdotes, quotes, academic/think tank studies, data points. These must all be sourced or linked to their sources. Don’t make us search for your sources, please.

No self-promotion:
Articles are a way to bolster your credibility as a thought leader and expert. They are not a place to promote your company or services you provide.

No warmed-over old posts:
Never submit a piece you submitted last month or last year, with just a few new tweaks added. These will be rejected.

Proofreading and spell-check the document:
Spell check and grammar check before submitting it. Articles that are in bad shape will be rejected.

Factual accuracy:
Check the spelling of individuals and company names. Make sure to confirm facts with several sources.

An absence of formatting:
This means no bolded text, no italics (except for publication titles), no all-caps words, etc. We’ll just have to erase all your formatting and do it again in our style.

Don’t put in photos, unless it’s an image you or your company took. In that case, talk to your editor.

Lead time:
Please expect 2 weeks before your story gets evaluated. Please keep this in mind if you are writing about timely topics like holiday seasons.



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