Slide Deadline: 9 January 2021 GET INVITED LEARN MORE Having Trouble Finding Your Co-Founder or Core Team Members? A PAN India, invite only, week-long virtual networking event to find potential co-founders or core team members Co-hosted with
How it works


Find Your Cofounder Event (FYCE) is a premium & curated week-long networking and 1:1 introduction meeting event. All approved participants will be scheduled 1:1 meetings with potential matches and invited to a private community with a participant directory.


Our Partner’s API based ML matchmaking service help 1:1 connect directly with relevant people based on your preference.



Startup Mumbai is a community of 400K members consisting of developers, entrepreneurs, designers, makers, and investors.



Safe and privacy protected the first contact via masked telephone or email connection as an added second-level optional level.



Curated connections by leveraging machine learning (ML) to churn through user’s data across private and public domains.

Save the dates


Just as the saying, Rome wasn't built in one day, starting a company is a long journey, with lots of twists and turns along the way. We want to help you lay the bricks for it with the Find Your Cofounder Event (FYCE). We want the participant to take the best out of the event by following the below schedule strictly.



Application deadline

Share a brief about you, if you’re looking for a co-founder or looking to join a startup here to get invited

January 9

Payment deadline

Curated list to be out, participation fee of Rs 1999/ applicable for shortlisted participants

January 13

Event kick starts

The week long event kick starts with a zoom session with multiple formats of networking to follow


17 – 23

Zoom Orientation

Event kick off session with all participants on how to network and make the best of the event 

January 17

Your video pitch

1-minute Loom video pitch from shortlisted participants. This will be made available to all participants

January 18

1-1 Introductions

Scheduled 1:1 zoom meetings with potential matches over 3 days, delivered to your email every evening

January 19 – 21

Access to private community

Different networking lounges  to connect with relevant participants for deeper conversations

January 23

Find your Co-Founder Event

If you're looking to join a startup as a co-founder or a core team member, or if you're looking for co-founders or core team members, this is a good opportunity to connect with them.
Some common questions people ask


The world has problems. You have time, ideas, skills, motivation, and experience.
Now you need a buddy to make some magic! In times of uncertainty, collaborating & getting creative is probably one of the best ways to act. With all the online tools you have at your disposal, you don’t even need to actually have a cofounder that lives in the same city as you do.

Who should attend?

  • — Anyone who is starting or planning to start a technology company.
  • — Anyone who is interested in co-founding or joining the team of an early-stage technology company.
  • — Anyone interested in learning how co-founder arrangements typically work.

Who should not attend?

  • — Anyone who is to apply for a regular paid job
  • — Anyone who is not interested in joining a startup or founder part-time or full time to build a product or service.
  • — Anyone who is not looking to work on his or her startup idea part time or full time in the coming 6 months.

The event is curated to ensure high quality networking

Why is the event curated and not open to all?

We believe the success of the event depends on the quality of the participants. The team screens every applicant to filter the ones with good intention and seriousness about building or joining a startup.

What are the privacy steps taken at/post the event?

We are very serious about privacy. Contact details of participants are not publicly listed or shared with other participants or third parties of any kind. We try to create safe and privacy protected first-contact via masked telephone or email connection as an added second-level optional level.

Is the event only for Mumbai based participants?

No. The event is open to all. We have a small cluster of design and technology folks from Bangalore and Hyderabad, SaaS marketers from Chennai, and so on in the community, so you can expect a good cluster of people from across India.

Is the event paid?

Yes. Once your application is approved, the team will send a payment link for 1999 INR.

Can I volunteer for the event?

Yes and No. We don’t have an event-based volunteership program but Startup Mumbai is always looking for volunteers. You can sign up here for volunteership program.

How many 1:1 introduction can expect during the event?

It depends on your profile and how open you are about sharing details with the community but we try to do a minimum of five introductions between 14th to 16th December and further connects in the private community based on the feedback on the previous introductions.

Is the video pitch mandatory?

Yes. This helps us get more details on you and also for other potential participants we match you with. The video pitches are also added to a private community directory for further potential synergies.

Can i opt to keep my video pitch private?

Yes. You can opt to share the pitch with potential connects only. But we will recommend making it public to all in the event community to get the best out of the event.

We are Startup Mumbai.

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